Crystal Platinum - Live at Rocking The Barn on Clayton Road (lost soundboard audio recording; 2019)

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One of the pictures taken from Crystal Platinum's performance at the barn.

Status: Lost

Crystal Platinum was a short-lived cover band, formed in July 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and disbanded a year later in July 2020. They were known as one of the bands who performed at Rocking The Barn on Clayton Road's day-long festival called "A Day on the Hill", on August 31st, 2019.[1][2]

History and Aftermath

Crystal Platinum Lineup (Victor Saravia, Bonnie Pattee, Chris Ihrig and Gary Berdon) - Taken in July 2019

The original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Bonnie Pattee and lead guitarist Victor Saravia, as well as bassist Gary Berdon, drummer Chris Ihrig and part-time keyboardist Kobi Hart.

Bonnie Pattee during the Crystal Platinum September 12th, 2019 rehearsal sessions.

They also managed to hire someone who can record their rehearsal sessions, which took place on September 12th and 18th, 2019.[3][4]

After their first gig on August 31st, 2019, which to this day remains the only-known live recording from the group and the two-known complete rehearsal sessions that were recorded on September 12th and 18th, Chris Ihrig left the band along with Gary Berdon six months later in March 2020. The two of them would both be replaced by different people, up until July 2020 when the band dissolved due to backstage politics, creative differences and disputes over several band members.

As of December 2021, Crystal Platinum is no longer active. Gary Berdon moved to Dade City, Florida in early-August 2020 to join two cover bands[5], Victor Saravia reformed his previous cover band Stainless (which was the predecessor of Crystal Platinum), Chris Ihrig was last known to have a full-time job with Home Depot and still performs with various cover bands as a temporary drummer, Bonnie Pattee moved on from music in early-March after doing one last rehearsal session with Victor during the same month, and Kobi Hart recently joined an all-female cover band known as Rapture back in August 2021. However, as of September 2023, Victor and Chris are back together without Bonnie.[6]

The two known recorded rehearsal sessions from September 12th and 18th, 2019 were eventually archived on April 7th, 2023.[7]


A few attendees who attended the band's performance at that night stated, that their performance at the barn was considered to be in mediocre quality and despite this, two people have recorded the event via video that included the owner of Rocking The Barn.[8][9][10]

There was confirmation in early-February 2020, that soundboard audio was recorded at that night, which is rumored to be the only source completed but has not been surfaced; the only sources that are available are video footage that is incomplete on Facebook and some audio footage which only contain the first three songs from their set-list.

Possible availability

On February 24th, 2020, almost six months after the band's performance, one of the people that attended their performance contacted the audio engineer at the barn and claimed to the individual that it will be surfaced in March.

The wave files that were almost about to be given out to the individual in that same month claimed to have gone missing, according the audio engineer, he stated that due to a major power outage, it caused the data to be lost.

However, there's a possibility the files could get restored by data recovery software such as Recuva, but nothing has been surfaced as of 2021 except for video footage that was converted into audio around February of that same year, with an audio clip of the band performing Hotel California and What I Like About You.[11]

In June 2021, one of the audio engineers at the Barn made a live Facebook video and in it was new soundboard audio that was being recorded with updated equipment with the same mixer used for Crystal Platinum's performance and a much different audio recording program. This raises speculation that with better equipment, the soundboard audio recording could possibly be found.[12]

However, in September 2023, it was confirmed by "Rocking the Barn" owner Terrence Healy that the soundboard audio recording is completely gone.[13]

Setlist (incomplete as of 2021)

  1. Get the Party Started (P!nk cover)
  2. Black Velvet (Alannah Myles cover)
  3. One Way or Another (Blondie cover)
  4. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Eddie Schwartz/Pat Benatar cover)
  5. Hotel California (The Eagles cover)
  6. What I Like About You (The Romantics cover)