Cube (lost cut alternate ending of science-fiction horror film; 1997)

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The Cube "ocean" poster.

Status: Lost

Cube, directed and co-written by Vincenzo Natali, is a 1997 sci-fi horror film in which a group of six strangers awake to find themselves in one of a series of strange, interconnected, cubical rooms, half of which are fitted with lethal traps. Ultimately, the group must traverse this disorienting maze-like facility (eventually revealed as being contained within a massive cube itself) to ensure their escape and survival.

In subsequent years, a sequel and a prequel were released (in 2002 and 2004, respectively), although Natali was not involved in the production of either; a remake of the original was announced by Lionsgate in April of 2015, under the title Cubed, though the project is currently on hold.[1]

Alternate Ending

It has been revealed by Natali that there was a scene shot to take place at the very end, revealing what happens after the lone survivor, Kazan, escapes the Cube (in the finished film he simply exits into a blinding white light, with it ending before we see what happens next).

According to a draft of the script from December 1996 (available on Natali's website), the scene consisted of Kazan walking out of the Cube and suddenly appearing on a busy street in different clothes, shoppers and businessmen around him completely oblivious to his presence. Kazan then slowly disappears into the crowd, and the movie fades to black over various shots of towering skyscrapers, identical suburban houses, and roads packed tight with cars, with the script ending on the line "Another day at the office". [2]


Natali has stated that the scene was shot but immediately removed from the assembly cut; it is currently unknown whether any copies remain. He has since published multiple drafts of the movie's script on his website, [3] thus revealing what the original ending was intended to be, however the footage itself still remains lost.

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