Curly's Adventure (lost build of cancelled PC adventure game; 1995-1999)

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Logo from the (now defunct) website.

Status: Lost

Curly's Adventure was to be a point-and-click adventure game on PC developed by Sylum Entertainment; it was set to be published by Epic MegaGames.


The plot would have involved Curly, a short, bearded, bespectacled snarky man who is trapped inside a huge mental asylum where the many delusional patients are allowed to live their fantasies in an environment that reconstitute them in real life.

However, it is led by a mad scientist who operates under a sinister, megalomaniacal monocle-wearing villain who has plans of his own purpose.


Development started in 1995. It was originally designed as an MS-DOS game but was redesigned as a Windows Game under Epic's directives. Development dragged on until the game was finally cancelled for good in 1999.

Of the archived/dead website, remains several preview screenshots, and there was a downloadable demo that had Curly having to escape from a "death trap" where he is tied upside down over a vat of acid.

After his escape, he interacts with some of the insane patients, several of them imitating Star Wars characters (including Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca,  Boba Fett, Greedo, and Jabba The Hutt) and also one being a parody of Ben, the protagonist of the LucasArts adventure game Full Throttle.


Gameplay video of a demo

Curly promo trailer

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