Cyber Cindy (partially found MTV pilot; 1997)

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The titular character.

Status: Partially Found

Cyber Cindy is a 30-minute MTV pilot which featured an animated video jockey commentating on select music videos. The pilot first premiered on June 30, 1997. So far, only newspaper mentions and a minute-long clip of the pilot have surfaced.


Cyber Cindy was a fictional video jockey voiced by and named after Daria producer Cindy Brolsma, significant for its motion capture animation in which was filmed in real time. The premise for the pilot had the character riffing on various music videos as they play, a trope inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The pilot was first announced by then-founder and president of the MTV Animation department Abby Terkuhle on May 12, 1997 along with other assets for the slated summer.[1]


The pilot debuted on MTV on June 30, 1997, and only repeated four times through the following Saturday.[2] Despite there being a rumor that the pilot was picked up for a full series,[3] nothing came into fruition, and it was thus silently cancelled. Only a minor clip of the pilot have ever resurfaced online.

On April 11th, 2022, YouTube user RabbitFilmMakerTV uploaded a 2-minute clip of the pilot, featuring the animated VJ riffing Hanson's MMMBop.


The clip of the Cyber Cindy pilot.