Cyber Soldier Sharaku (lost Japanese point-and-click CD-i adventure game; 1993)

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Cyber-Soldier-Sharaku-Front Cover.jpg

Cover Art of Cyber Soldier Sharaku

Status: Lost

Cyber Soldier Sharaku (サイバーソルジャー写楽) is a 1993 point and click adventure game for the CD-I released exclusively in Japan.[1] It was developed and produced by Inspire with Akihito Izuhara (泉原昭人) for screenwriting, storyboards, and character drafts and was published by Japan Interactive Media (JIM).

The gameplay is very similar to Myst and Burn Cycle which were both also on the CD-I and has quick time events in of the boss fights and events in the game.

This game was shown in the CD-I Software Lineup in April of 1993.[2] [3]


According to the translations of the texts in the beginning of the game

Cosmos 7014

The Galactic Federation centered on the planet Diane put an end to the 2000-year interstellar war by mass-producing cyber soldiers. These Cyber Soldiers were combat machines developed solely for their combat abilities, but after that they began to awaken to their human consciousness.

Fearing their existence, the Galactic Federation transplanted new memories into them and used their superhuman abilities to maintain public order in the galaxy. Having their past replaced in this way, they are reborn as the special combat organization "Fire Claw".


Due to the CD-I tanking in Japan and failing even harder than North America and Europe, Japanese versions of other CD-I software and exclusive are very rare and elusive to come by including Cyber Soldier Sharaku, rarely appearing on auction and E-commerce sites like eBay[4] and Yahoo! JAPAN.[5] The only known footage of this game is from the YouTuber shroomanCDi showing off the game in action on real hardware.

As of 2023, the game has yet to be dumped online and is still considered lost media.[6][7][8]



Part 1 of gameplay of Cyber Soldier Sharaku

Part 2 of gameplay of Cyber Soldier Sharaku

Part 3 of gameplay of Cyber Soldier Sharaku

Part 4 of gameplay of Cyber Soldier Sharaku

Promo of Cyber Soldier Sharaku

Full Video of the CD-I Software Lineup[9]


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