Cybersix (partially found censored version of animated series; 2000)

Cybersix Fox Kids censored version
A screenshot of the Fox Kids censored version of the Cybersix opening theme song.
A screenshot of the Fox Kids censored version of the Cybersix opening theme song.
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The Cybersix animated television series is the second and last adaption of the popular 1992 comic book series of the same name, produced in 1998 and released in the US in 2000. The animated series was well-received internationally, however in the US the series was heavily censored and criticized for being too mature for its young audience.[1]


The plot of the series is taken from the comic book series, rather than omitting the more mature aspects of the comics, the animated series leaves certain things unexplained and instead makes reference to them. The story follows the protagonist of Cybersix, who has recently moved to the city of Meridiana and lives as a male high school literature teacher during the day and as the leather-clad super-heroine during the night. Cybersix is soon discovered to be living within the city, so her creator and his clone-son frequently sends out their creations in an attempt to destroy her.


The animated series was first released uncut in Canada and Argentina on 6 September 1999, and the censored version was later released in the US on 19 August 2000 on the now-defunct television channel, Fox Kids. Fox Kids had heavily censored the series to make it more appropriate for its young audience, as well cutting down on the run-time to make more time for commercials. The censorship had most likely only edited out parts of the episodes and there was no redubbing, the only exception is the opening theme song where the ending vocals are noticeably different than the original. The series was later pulled off the air three months later on 4 November 2000, having omitted one episode and left the last two episodes unaired. Some episodes may have been recorded at the time of its airing, however, it is unknown if the entirety of the censored version has been recorded or archived. The Fox Kids cut of the opening theme song has been found and uploaded onto the RetroJunk website.[2]


The US Fox Kids version of the opening theme

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Anonymous user #1

1 months ago
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Love the theme song


1 months ago
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There were full track length versions of the opening and ending themes produced, but they're apparently barred from being released.


1 months ago
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By "censored," do you mean like a "TV edit of a movie" where they just removed things, or "4kids edit" where they redub lines and physically change the frames of animation? In the case of the former, I question the significance of finding it as a simple fan edit could "restore" it with uncut source files. In the case of the later; there are unique elements that can't be found in other versions and therefore should be preserved.

I'm not saying it "should remain lost," I'm just asking "what makes this different from the version I assume is not lost?"

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