Zazoo U (partially found Fox Kids animated series; 1990-1991)

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Status: Partially Found

Zazoo U was a television series that ran on Fox Kids from September 8th, 1990, to January 19th, 1991.[1][2] The show was created by children's author Shane DeRolf and had a total of 13 half-hour episodes.[3]


Zazoo U involves a higher learning institution called Zazoo U where all the people going there are animals, and the extraordinary is ordinary.[4]


Zazoo U received three DVD releases in the UK containing the first six episodes. The rest of the episodes have never been released to home video and remain lost (two of them were also reportedly unaired in the US, which are marked with *) as the show was taken off the air in 1991, never to be seen again in the US afterward.

The series has been dubbed into Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Latin Spanish, European Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Of the foreign dubs, only the French dub of "One Single Seed" has been found, but the first three minutes are missing.

The show was acquired by Disney in 2001, as part of the Fox Family Worldwide library. It is currently unknown if it will be released on Disney+.[5][6][7]


# Episode Title Description Status
1 The Nine Mile Pile All the students arrive at Zazoo U for the first class and immediately struggle to adjust to the school and to each other. Found
2 The Crayon Box That Talked A box of talking crayons is discovered; each crayon wants to be the greatest of the box and befriends each of the students to try to succeed. Found
3 The Search for the Meaning of Life A troubled Tess sets out on a quest to find the meaning of life. Found
4 Yesterday's Zoo Boink, Tess and Bully search for Zazoo U's Janitor and discover a world of past bygone relics. Found
5 Is Bigger Better? The students enter a dispute about whether bigger means better. The dispute soon goes into bigger, but not better, dimensions. Found
6 Har V and Sue Tess and Grizzle fall out as friends and vie for Boink's affections. Found
7 Bully Loses His Temper Bully gets mad and loses his temper - an enraged miniature version of himself jumps out and storms around wreaking destruction. The class must now get the Temper back to Bully. Lost
8 Share a Chair Everybody at Zazoo U gets a special gadget-laden custom school chair, except for Grizzle. But no one will share with him, so he gets despondent and wanders off, leading the class to search for him. Lost
9 Ms. Devine's Blues Miss Devine is dejected about her pet Rarf being unremarkable, and thus possibly a worthless nothing. Rarf goes out of his way to prove he is special to her. Lost
10 No Strings Attached Boink discovers invisible strings that can be seen only with the imagination. But he's messing around with the strings causes the laws of physics to go seriously awry. Lost
11 Money for Music The classwork to earn money to get new musical instruments. Grizzle and Tess try all sorts of money-making schemes, while Boink and Bully go around looking for donations. Lost
12 One Single Seed* The school is invaded by an alien... a talent agent who's looking for the next big star. The agent himself possesses creativity, but can the others help him realize his potential? Partially found in French
13 Boinks's Rap* Everybody gets ready for the school talent show, and all sorts of incredible antics and performances are in store. But Boink gets a serious case of stage fright, so it's up to the others to coax the show's best act out of him. Lost


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