DJ Hero 3D (lost build of unfinished Nintendo 3DS music game; 2011)

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Dj hero 3d.jpg

A screenshot on what the game would've looked liked.

Status: Lost

DJ Hero 3D was a planned Nintendo 3DS title in the DJ Hero series. The game was going to be published by Activision and would have been a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS.


In 2005, the first Guitar Hero game released and became an unexpected hit. This prompted Activision to make more entries into the series. In 2009, the Guitar Hero series started spin-offs. The first of which was Band Hero and was a family-friendly alternative to the Guitar Hero series. The spin-off series would take another unique turn with the release of DJ Hero in 2009. Simulating turntablism, the game was met well with critics.


At E3 2010, at Nintendo's press conference DJ Hero 3D was announced, which would allow players to play DJ Hero on the go. During this time, DJ Hero 2 was getting set for an October 2010 release. Also during this time, the Guitar Hero series was seeing dwindling sales and poor reception for their expansion packs. When DJ Hero 2 released, it did not sit over well with fans and critics. This caused Activision to pull the plug on any future games including DJ Hero 3D.


The wired magazine covered the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010. In it, they describe the gameplay as "In DJ Hero 3D, you just tap and scratch the touchscreen, which works well to mimic the feel of scratching on a turntable."[1] The game's mechanics would be similar to that of DJ Hero's where the objective to hit various notes in each level is presented to the player. Only screenshots of the game have been shown. It is not distinguishable from DJ Hero or DJ Hero 2.


Though a demo for DJ Hero 3D was present at E3 2010, the demo has not resurfaced since then. No other builds for the game have been released to the public or have surfaced.


Screenshots of DJ Hero 3D.

DJ Hero 3D - Vicarious Visions Featurette.

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