Daddio (partially found TV sitcom; 2000)

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The cast of the sitcom.

Status: Partially Found

Daddio was a sitcom from 2000 starring Michael Chiklis (most famous for roles in The Shield, The Commish and as The Thing in the 2000s Fantastic Four films) as a stay-at-home father who got into comedic shenanigans whilst taking care of his family.

The show aired from March 23rd to October 23rd in the year 2000, and suffered from critical ire and low audience ratings in the US. While the first season was broadcast in full, the second season was only into its fourth episode before being abruptly taken off the airwaves by NBC, leaving nine episodes unaired.

Disney-ABC acted as distributors internationally. Daddio was aired late at night on the UK Disney Channel circa 2003,[1] and was also broadcast in France and in Sweden.[2]

There have been no known home media releases, and the only videos available on YouTube are promos and interstitial materials.


Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Airdate Status
1 Grapefruits of Wrath The pilot episode finds Chris Woods learning the ropes as a stay-at-home dad, taking care of his four children and dealing with a problematic new neighbor. March 23, 2000 Lost
2 The Premium Also Rises Chris's self-esteem is lowered after an insurance salesman terms him a "non-income producing spouse March 30, 2000 Lost
3 Crackers and Punishment Chris gets himself kicked out of the mommies' group, while Max accepts a high-paying part-time job April 6, 2000 Lost
4 Fence and Sensibility While Chris tries to call a truce with Bobick, the two older children are asked to choose the family vacation spot for the year. April 13, 2000 Lost
5 Lord of the Ants Chris decides to teach Jake at home, but receives a challenge from Barb, who has long taught her son at home. April 20, 2000 Lost


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