Damned Files "Memories of Earth" (lost unaired episode of Japanese horror TV series; 2004)

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Damndfile vol1 cover.jpg

Damned Files DVD Vol.1 cover

Status: Lost

Damned Files (ダムド・ファイル) is a Japanese horror TV series of 30 episodes over 3 seasons that aired in 2003. The series is produced by the Nagoya Broadcasting Network (NBN) and is set in Nagoya, and the episodes are based on actual haunted places and ghost stories that exist in Aichi. In addition, the series was aired in syndication on the TV Asahi affiliate stations in the various prefectures to which NBN belongs. A 90-minute special episode aired on October 17, 2003, and was screened as a film under the title The Tunnel at the Cannes Film Festival and Stockholm International Film Festival on 2004[1].


The only unaired episode in the series, titled Memories of Earth (地球の想い出, Chikyū no Omoide), has an unknown plot and details are only partially known. Shinji Aoyama is in charge of directing, and he mentioned on his blog that the episode will be completed by the end of April, 2004[2]. The film was then shown at a preview screening held at IMAGICA in Gotanda, Tokyo[3]. Shingo Tsurumi plays the lead role and is listed in the list of films in which he has appeared[4].

Currently, no screenshots have even been found, let alone a full-length version of the episode. As for other details of the episode, rumors exist that the story is about a man who survived on Earth and is in the science fiction genre.


Explanatory video on the episode by The Tsuburo