DanceDanceRevolution DANCE WARS (lost inaccessible rhythm mobile game; 2013)

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The App icon for the game.

Status: Lost

DanceDanceRevolution DANCE WARS (also shortened to DDR Dance Wars) was a Freemium mobile rhythm game released by Konami Digital Entertainment and GREE on February 14th, 2013.[1] The gameplay was similar to previous mobile DDR games, where players used touchscreen controls in place of a traditional dance pad the DDR series is known for.


Similar to previous DDR Games for Mobile Devices (S, S+, and FREEDOM), players used a virtual dance pad on the device touchscreen to hit the arrows during gameplay. Songs could be obtained by clearing missions, winning "stickers" in dance battles, participating in events, or by purchasable music packs.[1] Music Packs required DDRCoins, a paid in game currency for usage. Respect Points were another in game currency, but could be earned from playing songs. [2]

The main feature of the game was Crew Battles. Players could play a song and win a "sticker" that made up the banner for an unlockable song. When a player won all 6 stickers to make up a full banner, the song would be available for normal play, in "FREE PLAY" mode.[3] Crew Battles required "Stamina" to play. Stamina was the game's energy system. It would be refilled overtime after being used up, or in game items like food (Gigaburgers, Hamburgers, and Fries) from the in game shop could refill it instantly. Other Shop items could level up the player (T-Bone Steak), boost Crew levels, battle powerups, and skill items to help the player in Crew Battles. Players could also set a Battle Track, achieved from a pre-played high score, which would then be used during the Crew Battles when other players would play against the user.[2] [4]

The game hosted 2 events during its lifetime, Unidentified Funky Objects Dance Battle, and Bingo Party. Participating in these events earned the player special rewards based on how well they did. Rewards included character accessories, the song itself, and stamina replenishing food items. [5]

As part of GREE's social networking service, players could have a Dance Crew. This Dance Crew could help player earn bonus points in Crew Battles. Players could also sent direct messages to their Crew Members, as this functioned like a social media "friends" system. To promote the social media aspect, an invite system was put in place to incentivize players to recruit friends to GREE. For the player to earn the rewards, the invited friend would have to create a GREE account and download Dance Wars. Similar to the event rewards, invitation rewards included songs, character accessories, and character costumes. [5]


Since the game shutting down on August 31st, 2013 due to the online team retiring,[1] the game has been completely inaccessible. The game needed to connect to GREE servers in order to function. If players were to load up the game today, they would not be able to get past the title screen. Unless the game is reverse engineered to be playable past the title screen, it will remain unplayable. While a complete record of the songlist, mission list and event details survived, some of the step charts for the exclusive songs have not, and only handful of screenshots and videos have surfaced.



18 minutes of gameplay footage

Crew Battle in action


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