Dare, Bluff, or Die: A Role Playing History of the Wild West (found PC game; 1994)

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Dare bluff or die.jpg

Jewel case of the CD-ROM (image from ultradrives.com).

Status: Found

Date found: 11 Sept 2015

Found by: Anonymous and Dycaite

According to the few websites mentioning its existence, Dare, Bluff, or Die: A Role Playing History of the Wild West is a video game released for IBM PC in 1994. It seems to be at least educational in nature (the cover describing "Multicultural Exploration spanning 1500-1900 AD"). Several games database websites (namely allgame.com[1] and GameTrailers[2]) give information about the release date as well as the publisher, but not a lot more can be found.

It was developed by Stylus Multimedia and published by Motherlode. Very little is known about the latter: Motherlode, in 1991, published a PC conversion of the game Golden Immortal (which is, by the way, one of the first CD-ROM games ever, but also one of the rarest and most obscure) and was located, according to allgame.com, in Las Cruces (New Mexico). Although this information may be accurate, Motherlode, Inc. doesn't exist in the State of New Mexico corporations database.

Despite the great lack of information about Dare, Bluff or Die, there is evidence that it does exist: the (now defunct) website ultradrives.com listed a copy for sale in 2008, for just one dollar (said listing can be accessed today via the Wayback Machine;[3], and its image has remained in its databank of files). The item remained listed up until mid-to-late 2010 when it was assumingly sold. Additionally, a copy of the game appeared on eBay in 2012, but was either sold or removed (the circumstances of the auction's ending are not made clear).[4]

The game was lost to the general public until September 11th, 2015, when an anonymous user found a copy and gave it to Lost Media Wiki founder Dycaite, who released it for Found Media Week. You can download it here.


Motherlode, Inc. logo from the back cover of Golden Immortal.