Dark Shadows "1219" (partially found episode of gothic soap opera TV series; 1971)

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Series title card.

Status: Partially Found


Dark Shadows was a soap opera running from 1966-1971 centered around a wealthy family and the supernatural creatures and experiences they encounter. The series is highly regarded and maintains a following to this day. The series spawned three feature films (two during the production of the original run and one released in 2012), a short-lived revival series in 1991, an unsold pilot in 2004, novels, comic strips, and an audio drama that, as of 2017, is still ongoing.

Amazingly, only one out of the 1225 episodes is lost, Episode 1219.

Available Material

An incomplete fan-recorded audio track exists and was used, along with production stills and narration from series actress Lara Parker, to reconstruct the episode.