El Oasis (partially found Latin American telenovela; 1994-1997)

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El Oasis.jpeg

Title card of El Oasis.

Status: Partially Found

El Oasis was a Colombian telenovela (Latin American soap opera) produced by the defunct television network Cenpro TV. It aired from 1994 to 1997.[1]


The story of the telenovela revolves around a romance between two young people, Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (played by a 17-year-old Shakira) and Pedro Rendón, members of surviving rival families of the Armero Tragedy."[2]


Shakira managed to obtain the rights to the telenovela in 2002 just so she could stop it from airing. Since then it has no longer been allowed to be broadcast by any television station. However, with the advent of video-sharing websites, several clips were uploaded on various websites such as YouTube.

" My life is like a glass of water, transparent, everyone can know what is in the background, because it is difficult for me to hide it, for something I am a bad actress, ask the director of El Oasis."[3]



Theme song, sung by Shakira.

A scene from the telenovela.


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