Dead Easy (lost film from Tales from the Crypt series; 1996-1997)

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Dead Easy.jpg

Early cover art for the opening sequence.

Status: Lost

In 1996, Universal released the first Tales from the Crypt movie in what was intended to be a trilogy. Though there was a trilogy created, the final products weren't the promised movies. Originally Tales from the Crypt was going to make up for the films; Demon Knight, Dead Easy (AKA Fat Tuesday), and Body Count. However the final trilogy was made up of; Demon Knight, Bordello of Blood, and Ritual (which wasn't released as a Tales from the Crypt feature for years). Dead Easy was far into production due to Demon Knight having an end credit teaser promising Dead Easy to be the next film.

Sources state that the film was actually completed, however it was shelved because the concept required a primarily black cast. However, it was shot with a primarily white cast because it was thought that an all-black cast would not be commercially viable. Because of this, Dead Easy was shelved by producer Joel Silver due to not wanting to be labeled a racist.

There's no script release for either of the lost tales movies, but it could be possible that either film was reworked into another film. Just as Ritual was released as a stand-alone film before being rereleased with a crypt keeper introduction, and as it was later revealed movies such as From Dusk Til Dawn and The Frighteners were written with the intention of being released as a Tales from the Crypt films.


Dead Easy teaser.

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