Dead Space 2 (lost build of cancelled Wii port of sci-fi survival horror game sequel; 2011)

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Cover art for Dead Space 2.

Status: Lost

Dead Space 2 is a sci-fi survival horror game developed by Visceral Games and released by Electronic Arts in January 2011. A sequel to the 2008 game Dead Space, the title saw a release on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, a Wii port of the game was also in development, but it was ultimately cancelled.


Little is known about the Wii port's development. It would have been the second Dead Space game to be released on the system, following on from Dead Space: Extraction, a rail shooter serving as a prequel to the original Dead Space.[1]

At least two people are known to have worked on the port.[2] This included then-EA employee Gerry Sakkas, who claimed on his LinkedIn page to have been the lead QA, and freelancer Matt Spriggens, who on his LinkedIn page stated he was a level designer.[3] Their pages not only confirmed that a Wii port was in development, but also its cancellation in 2011 in favour of other projects.[4] The exact reasoning behind why this port was scrapped to make room for other projects' development is unknown, but poor sales from Dead Space: Extraction may have been a contributing factor towards EA's decision to cease development of the port.[5]


Considering Spiggens' LinkedIn page once listed design work for a "Simpsons 2 prototype" that was cancelled around the same time as the Wii port for Dead Space 2, there may exist a prototype of this port. However, no build, screenshots or footage of the port have surfaced online.