Deadly Sport (lost build of unreleased fighting arcade game; 1993)

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Flyer front.

Status: Lost

Deadly Sport (also known as Street Brawl and Deadly Splode) is an unreleased digitized fighting game developed by Sammy (it was first believed to be developed by Scarab, and that was intended to be a follow up to their arcade release, Survival Arts. This was disproved by Sizlla Okamura as he also revealed both games were in development around the same time, SETA (Bio Force Ape), and Visco (Breakers) on the SSV arcade board (Sammy, SETA, and Visco).[1] It was scheduled to be released for Japanese arcades sometime in 1993, with an American release for November of 1994 according to a trademark filed.[2]

While a ROM of the game has yet to surface, a PCB of the game was reportedly on Yahoo around 2010.[3][4] Around the same time, the flyer of the game was auctioned off as well, and it eventually found it's way to the Arcade Flyer Archive.[5]

Multiple screenshots from the game were added to the website UnMAMEd Arcade Games by user Shimapong in 2011.[6]

In 2013, the soundtrack of the game was uploaded to Nico Nico video by one of the composers of the game, Sizlla Okamura.[7][8] by one of the composers of the game, Sizlla Okamura. The music was then ripped from the videos by FFShrine user 1985parrothead and later uploaded to YouTube by user RomanFiveFive.[9] Okamura would reveal that there were plans from Sammy Sound Team to release the soundtrack at one point and that it was recorded in conjunction with the game's development in 1993.[10]

In 2015, a poster on Reddit's /r/Translator board going by the name of nocontesttou requested the translation of the front and back of the arcade flyer. Redditor Chibisan then provided one the day after the request was made.[11]

As of 2019, there is still no video footage of gameplay.


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