Deena and Pearl (found "Sesame Street" sketches; 1980-1981)

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Deena and Pearl.jpg

Deena and Pearl As they appear on the short Pearl is sick.

Status: Found

Date found: 03 Jan 2023

Found by: RyNo84

Deena and Pearl are a Muppet duo from the twelfth season of Sesame Street. They were seen in a total of four sketches on the show before disappearing. Their discontinuance is largely attributed to the similarity of their segments to those of Bert and Ernie.


The four sketches include Baby Deena, Toy Box, Underwater, and Pearl is Sick.[1] Of these, Baby Deena is the only sketch uploaded on YouTube in English (as “Play House”). Toy Box has been uploaded in Dutch. Underwater and Pearl is Sick has been posted in Castilian Spanish.

On January 3rd, 2023 Youtuber RyNo84, found the missing shorts with their English audio.


Baby Deena, also known as Play House.

Toy Box.

Pearl is sick.


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