(partially found Dairy Queen Flash games; 2008-2017)

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Deeqs select screen.png

The character selection screen.

Status: Partially Found

On January 31, 2008, Dairy Queen released a new online campaign aimed at 8-12 year olds entitled Deeqs. The Deeqs were entitled to be a mascot of sorts for the Dairy Queen kids' meal, and appeared on promotional materials at Dairy Queen, including a website.

The site was originally set up as a virtual world, in which the player was able to customize their own Deeq, create a home, etc. Activities on the site generated in-game points, which could be redeemed for virtual prizes or Dairy Queen coupons. Codes from Dairy Queen kids' meals also unlocked virtual items/features in-game.

Another focus of the game was a "story mode" of sorts involving uniting lost Deeqs and protecting them from a dark storm. Chapters included "Unite the Deeqs" and "Spooner's Storm Race" (it is unknown how many chapters were released before the game's closure).

Oreo at one point sponsored a special game entitled "The Blizz-o-Sphere" for the virtual world, in which you helped the character Blender recover his scrambled notes for a formula to keep away the dark storm.

Sometime in late June/July 2013, the Deeqs virtual world was shut down (seemingly without warning), with the site being replaced with a set of three Flash games available to play: Blender's Fruit Frenzy, Grilla's Vintage Puzzle, and Spooner's Soft Serve Mountain. The site was never updated again after this.

Despite the site being online until early 2017, none of the Flash games that were on the site for this 3 1/2 year period appear to have been saved, making them lost along with the games/files from the virtual world. Attempting to go to will now redirect you to the main Dairy Queen website.


On February 21st, 2021, LMW users LoganTheHammer and Hobqueer discovered that the file names for the games were different than the official names. When looking up the filenames online, it was discovered that at least 2 of the Deeqs 2013 flash games were just reskins of existing flash games. These 2 games were "Spooner's Soft Serve Mountain", which was a reskin of a game called "Snowboard Challenge", and "Blender's Fruit Frenzy", which was a reskin of a game called "Fruity Flip Flop". The 2 original games have been archived.

The third game, "Grilla's Vintage Puzzle", is also most likely a reskinned flash game; however, due to the filename simply being called "Jigsaw", it is unlikely that it will be found.

In early 2021, LoganTheHammer and Hobqueer found and messaged the credited lone developer of the game (found through his website), but were left on read. The developer then proceeded to delete the pages of his website proving his role in the game, almost seeming to try to distance himself from the project. Him deleting the pages and all of the proof of his involvement leaves the possibility of finding these games very slim.