Detective Conan (partially found Singaporean English dub of anime series; 2003)

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Status: Partially Found

Detective Conan is an animated adaptation of Gosho Aoyama's manga series of the same name. Produced by TMS Entertainment, the show began broadcast in January 1996 and continues to this day. The Texas-based Funimation Entertainment dubbed the first 130 episodes and the first six films between 2004 and 2010 under the name Case Closed.

An earlier English dub was produced for the Singaporean market in 2003 under the show's original title.[1] 52 episodes were recorded locally at Voiceovers Unlimited and aired on Channel i.[2][3] This dub stars Joe Murray, Chio Su-Ping, Chuck Powers, Denise Tan, Brian Zimmerman, Patrick Fernando, Taaz Gill, Christian J. Lee, and Florence Yip. Powers also directed the voice actors.

According to Joe Murray, contrary to popular belief, episodes were not released on VCD, though he did put some on DVD. Previously, only the opening and ending credits have surfaced online. In 2021, various episodes were uploaded onto a torrent site.



  • Joe Murray - Shinichi Kudo, Conan Edogawa
  • Chuck Powers - Kogoro Mouri, Professor Agasa
  • Brian Zimmerman - Genta, Inspector Megure
  • Chio Su-Ping - Ran Mouri [4]
  • Alison Lester - Ayumi[5]
  • Denise Tan
  • Patrick Fernando
  • Taaz Gill
  • Christian J. Lee
  • Florence Yip


  • English Language Dubbing created by Voiceovers Unlimited Pte. Ltd. (credited as Voiceovers Unlimited Pte Ltd – Singapore)
  • English Language Editor - Chio Su-Ping
  • Sound Engineer (English Dub) - Patrick Fernando
  • Production Co-ordinator (English Dub) - Florence Yip
  • Assistant Director (English Dub) - Christian J. Lee
  • Executive Producer (English Dub) - Taaz Gill
  • English Dubbing Directed by Chuck Powers
  • Recorded at Voiceovers Unlimited


Series opening theme.

Series credits.

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