Detroit Sunday Journal: Volume 2, Edition 51 (lost pages of tabloid newspaper; 1997)

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DSJ surviving paper.png

Page four of the Detroit Sunday Journal's Nov. 2, 1997 edition.

Status: Lost

The Detroit Sunday Journal was a tabloid newspaper serving the American city of Detroit, Michigan that published solely on Sundays from November 19, 1995 to November 21, 1999 by striking workers of the city's two major newspapers, The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. Even though the Detroit Newspaper Strike ended in 1997, it continued publishing for two more years afterward and ended up being one of the longest-running "temporary" newspapers ever published. It had a strong pro-union focus and mainly featured labor issues alongside local stories.[1]

Even though all of the newspaper's 200+ editions[2] have been preserved by the Wayne State University Library and are viewable on their website, the first three pages of Volume 2, Edition 51 (published on November 2, 1997) were not preserved and are shown as "page missing" when viewed on the website collection, with the remaining pages being available.

Stories that are known to have begun on the missing pages include one where a judge ruled that the striking newspaper workers would be eligible for unemployment checks (which was continued on page six), one about controversy regarding a new housing project that was near Detroit's water treatment plant (continued on page eight), one about funding issues with a local school district (also continued on page eight), and one about a document listing free parking spots within Detroit (continued on page nine).

It's unknown how or why these pages haven't been archived, or even whether WSU Library have said pages and decided not to put them in the archive for some reason.