Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rumble (lost build of unreleased multi-platform 3D fighting game based on Cartoon Network animated series; 2003)

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Dexterlab 061303 2 640w.jpg

A screenshot from the game.

Status: Lost

Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rumble or Extreme Robot Rumble was going to be a 3D brawler fighting game that would have been the fifth game based on the Cartoon Network American animated series, developed by N-Space and published by BAM! Entertainment and was to be released on the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube for Spring 2004. The game would have been a 3D cel-shaded brawler where the player would play as robots fighting in small arenas that are controlled by characters from the show. The game was cancelled when the publisher BAM! Entertainment filed for bankruptcy.[1] Cartoon Network would eventually release a tournament-fighter game with their licensees with The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy for the PS2/GameCube/XBox in September 2006.

Coincidentally there was a Dexter flash game of the same name on the Cartoon Network website.


There is very little information found on Robot Rumble online. The only remains were screenshots of the gameplay from IGN, and character, weapon, and stage concept art designs from back when the game was announced and still in development at that time.

On August 2020, a 4chan user leaked more gameplay screenshots from the game that showcases the playable characters and game menu, it looks like what could be a from a PS2 build for the E3 2003 showcase.[2]



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