Dingo Pictures (found animated films from German animation studio and English dubs; 1992-2005)

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The studio's logo.

Status: Found

Date found: Various dates

Found by: Various people

Dingo Pictures was an animation company from Germany that produced traditionally-animated cartoons based on fairy tales and concepts, many of which plagiarize the works of Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks, among other companies.

These cartoons were criticized for their extremely low-budget animation (done with Amiga Deluxe Paint),[1] repetitive dialogue, lack of dub actors (English dubs usually have only two people voicing all the characters, in some cartoons only one), and shoddy character designs.

Despite this, they acquired a certain level of ironic fan following.


With the exceptions of Griechische Sagen: Perseus, some of their picture stories and Sing mit Aladin, all of the original German dubs have been released on DVD. Some can be easily found online, while others are quite rare.

All the English dubs listed below have been released on DVD by Art Media in Germany and the Netherlands, Fun Kid's in France (both with the exception of Animal Soccer World) and East-West Entertainment in the United States. Seventeen of the movies' English dubs have also been released on various game consoles such as the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 by Midas Interactive and Phoenix Games, accompanied with simple mini-games such as slide puzzles.

A popular comedic online reviewer, Phelous (Phelan Porteous), has made video reviews of many of those Dingo Pictures films. He notably makes efforts to get the official English-language release DVD to use as footage in his videos, and he has managed to get his hands on a couple of rare ones.

List of Movies

German Title English Title(s) Year Status (German) Status (English) Additional Notes
Griechische Sagen: Perseus N/A 1992 Found Unproduced
Die Nibelungen Sage: Siegfried N/A 1992 Found Unproduced
Die schönsten Geschichten vom Osterhasen N/A 1993 Found Unproduced
Aladin Alladin (DVD) 1993 Found Found The English dub is incomplete on some versions of the East West Entertainment DVD.
Sing mit Aladin N/A 1993 Found Unproduced
Lustige Weihnachten: Max' wundersames Geschenk N/A 1993 Found Unproduced
Goldie: Abenteuer im Zauberwald Goldie(PS)
The Little Deer(DVD)
1994 Found Found Alternate English dub released on a Russian DVD.
Der König der Tiere Animal King 1994 Found Existence Unconfirmed
Neue Geschichten vom Osterhasen N/A 1994 Found Unproduced
Hampie ein kleiner Wal entdeckt seine Welt N/A 1994 Found Unproduced
Artige Katzen Nice Cats (PS, DVD) 1995 Found Found
Pocahontas Legend of Pocahontas (PS)
Pocahontas (DVD)
1995 Found Found
Ein Fall für die Mäusepolizei Detective Mouse (PS)
The Mouse Police (PS2, DVD)
1995 Found Found
Es Weihnachtet sehr... N/A 1995 Found Unproduced
Toys: Das Geburtstagsgeschenk Toys (PS)
The Toys Room (PS2, DVD)
1996 Found Found
Wabuu der freche Waschbär Wabuu the Little Raccoon (DVD) 1996 Found Found
Der Glöckner von Notre Dame The Hunchback of Notre Dame (PS)
Notre Dame (DVD)
1996 Found Found
Janis das Schweinchen Baby Jamie the Little Pig (DVD) 1996 Found Found
Peter und der Wolf N/A 1996 Found Unproduced
Der gestiefelte Kater The Cat on Boots (DVD) 1997 Found Found
Auf der Suche nach den Dalmatinern The Dalmatians (PS)
Dalmatians (DVD)
1997 Found Found
Balto The Adventures of the Brave Husky (DVD)
1997 Found Found
Hercules N/A 1997 Found Unproduced
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten The Bremen Town-Musicians (DVD)
1997 Found Found
Anastasia Anastasia (PS, DVD)
1998 Found Found
Das Unglaubliche Fussballspiel der Tiere Animal Football (PS)
Animal Soccer World (PS2)
The Animal Soccer Championship (DVD)
1998 Found Found
Das Schwert von Camelot The Sword of Camelot (PS, DVD)
1998 Found Found The East West Entertainment DVD removes all of the live-action scenes.
Ein Prinz für Ägypten Moses: Prince of Egypt (PS)
The Prince of Egypt (DVD)
1998 Found Found The English dub is incomplete on some versions of the EastWest DVD.
Der König der Tiere: Das Grosse Abenteuer Lion and the King (PS, Midas)
Lion and the King 2 (PS, Phoenix Games)
Son of the Lion King (PS2)
Lion and the King 3 (NDS)
The Lion and his Son 2 (DVD)
1999 Found Found
Tarzan: Der Herr des Dschungels/Der Herr des Dschungels Lord of the Jungle (PS)
Lord of the Rainforest (DVD)
1999 Found Found
Im Tal der Osterhasen N/A 2000 Found Unproduced
Winkie der Kleine Bär/Der kleine Bär Winky the Little Bear (PS, DVD)
Countryside Bears (PS2)
2000 Found Found
Abenteuer im Land der Dinosaurier Dinosaurs (PS, DVD)
Dinosaur Adventure (PS2)
2000 Found Found
... noch mehr Dalmatiner Dalmatians 2 (PS)
Dalmatians 3 (PS2)
Dalmatians 4 (NDS/Wii)
The Adventures of the Dalmatians 2 (DVD)
2000 Found Found
Atlantis: Der verlone Kontinent Atlantis: The Lost Continent (PS, DVD)
Empire of Atlantis (PS2)
2001 Found Found
Benni und seine Freunde N/A 2004 Found Unproduced
Die kleine Hexe Arischa N/A 2005 Found Unproduced

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