Dominion Tank Police (lost censored alternate English dub of anime series; 1990s)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its sexual subject matter.

Dominion Tank Police.jpg

The DVD cover for the series.

Status: Lost

Dominion Tank Police is a four-part OVA series originally released in Japan in 1988. It was the first title licensed in North America by former anime distributor Central Park Media in 1992. Central Park Media then worked to get the OVA series broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel's Saturday morning "Saturday Anime" block, where it was in heavy rotation throughout the 1990s.

However, the Sci-Fi Channel version of the series contained a number of changes from the original Japanese version and the uncut English dub. Not only were a number of visual cuts made (particularly of scenes involving phallic weapons as well as a striptease sequence) and the ending credits removed due to nudity, a number of redubs were made for language, innuendo, and crude humor present in the series.

For example, references to "urine"/"piss" being stolen from the hospital in the uncut English dub were changed to "plasma", and a reference to phallic weapons as "Erect-A-Cockies" was changed to simply referring to them as "weapons".

This edited English dub was never released on home video or shown on any channel other than the Sci-Fi Channel (Showtime would later show the series uncut, and international broadcasts in Canada and other territories used the uncut English dub). No full recording of the edited version has appeared online; a low-quality television recording of the last four minutes of the film (allegedly from a Sci-Fi Channel showing) is available online, however, there are no edits in this short scene, nor any sort of Sci-Fi Channel watermark indicating the source is correct.