Doozy Bots (partially found unaired American adaptation of "SD Gundam" anime series; 1991)

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Status: Partially Found

Doozy Bots was an American adaptation of the Japanese franchise SD Gundam that intended for the North American market. The adaptation was produced by Sunrise. The series would be a group of the five high school students were enlisted by Professor Doozy to participate in an experiment wherein their minds are transferred into newer robots to combat the first generation.

The series was slated for release in the Fall of 1991 but was never picked up for unknown reasons. Most likely due to an apparent failure of the Japanese creators to grasp American culture. Although the adaptation failed, minor elements of it resurfaced in the later Japan/America co-production Superior Defender Gundam Force.

As of August 21, 2015, only the trailer for this title exists, and no known copies of episodes, cels, images, audio or other information of it have resurfaced.


Only the trailer was released for the series.

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