Dota-kun no Bōken Rōman (lost build of cancelled Famicom side-scrolling action game; 1987)

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Dota-kun no Bouken Roman ad 3.jpg

An ad for the game.

Status: Lost

Dota-kun no Bōken Rōman (ドタ君の冒険浪漫 Dota-kun’s Romantic Adventure) is a unreleased 1987 Famicom side-scrolling action game developed by Atlus and was to be published under Imagineer’s WaveJack Jr. label. It is a port of the MSX/PC-8801 game by SystemSoft.[1]


Toruuda, the ruler that presided over the earth long before the birth of mankind, was suddenly brought back to life. Decoding an ancient text, biology professor Pata accidentally revived him. The professor was captured by researchers that knew his secret and Toruuda, allies multiplying, challenges humanity. Caught in the middle of it all, Dota, the professor's aide, rises up, alone, to save the love of his life, the professor, and even all humanity.[2]


The game would have 4 levels. Each is 8 by 8 screens for a total of 64; the player would get items and power up Dota along the way to the end and beat Toruuda to get to the next level, but the level's also bursting with NPCs (lit "small fry characters") and it seems like there are other key items to advance to the next stage. This first place takes place in Toruuda's hive (breeding grounds or nest, idk context).

Most items would freely roll along the ground. A money bag with worth 1000 points would also appear in the game.


It was going to be released on September 4th, 1987, in Japan at 5,300 yen, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons. No prototypes of the game are known to exist. However, a bootleg of the NES port of the arcade game Legendary Wings used Dota-kun's logo and artwork as the game's label.[3]