Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (partially found Creative Products Corporation English dubs of anime series; mid/late 1980s to 1998)

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VHS cases to both compilation films.

Status: Partially Found

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are well-known Japanese anime and manga franchise. Originally a manga series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump starting in 1984. The anime was produced from the mid to late 1980s. In the 1990s, both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z started to air outside of Japan and became an instant hit. In The Phillippines, both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were dubbed in English by Creative Products Corporation. The dub ran from 1993 until 1997, but only 35 episodes and two movies of Dragon Ball Z were dubbed. The Creative Products Corporation dub only aired once before being dubbed over in Tagalog. Only a few clips of the dub survive.

The Tagalog Dub (1999-2002) or the "Tag-Lish" dub supposedly picked up where the Creative Productions dub of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z left off and it's now being produced over at Picasso Studios but with William Co. of Creative Prod. supervising it.


Dragon Ball follows a boy named Goku who lives alone in the woods until he runs into a girl named Bulma who discovers Goku a set of magical objects called Dragon Balls. Bulma wants to find all of the dragon balls in order to fulfill her wish of getting a boyfriend. During their journeys, they meet an old man named Master Roshi who helps Goku train for the up and coming World Martial Arts tournament. In order to stop the abuse of power for whoever gets the dragon ball, Goku trains to fight those who are going to use the dragon ball's wish for evil.[1]

Dragon Ball Z is a sequel series that is set five years after the events of Dragon Ball. Goku is now grown up. A person named Raditz shows up and tells Goku that he is apart of an extinct race called Saiyan and that before the destruction of Saiyan home planet, Goku was sent to Earth to destroy it. Goku faces a slew of villains throughout Dragon Ball Z [2]


  • Nesty Ramirez - Goku, Master Roshi (Master Muten), Bardock
  • Raymond Buyco - Piccolo, Korin, Vegeta
  • Apollo Abraham - Krillin, Cooler, Frieza, Oolong
  • Richard Jonson - Tien Shinhan (only in the TV show)
  • Ethel Lizano - Gohan (TV), Yajirobe
  • E.J. Galang - Gohan (only in the movie)
  • Mitch Frankenberger - Bulma (TV), Upa (AKA Little Feather, TV), Chichi
  • R.J. Celdran - Salza
  • Mano Abello - Doore ("Barky")
  • David Soon - Neiz
  • Bob Karry - Narration



Following a failed attempt in the United States to dub Dragon Ball into English by Harmony Gold, a company called Creative Products Corporation had produced an English dub of the first Dragon Ball Z story arc exclusively for the Philippines that aired on RPN 9. After the first story arc of DBZ finished airing, Creative Products went back and dubbed the original Dragon Ball anime in English in its entirety. In 1996 the company also dubbed the 5th and 6th Dragon Ball Z movies into a single compilation movie entitled Dragon Ball Z: The Greatest Rivals. This movie was released theatrically and received an extremely limited VHS release in the Philippines.[4] Following the release of The Greatest Rivals was a soundtrack CD and cassette titled Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z: Songs of a High Spirited Saga Volume 1 which contained the dubbed versions of songs from their dubs of the series. A second volume is said to exist, but there is currently no evidence. There is also a compilation of the 10th and 11th DBZ movies simply titled Dragon Ball Z: The Movie that was dubbed in English by Solar Entertainment and played theatrically in the Philippines in 1998. The film was later released on VHS and VCD. All of these English dubs are very obscure and were only aired once on Filipino television before being redubbed into Tagalog.


As of the writing of this article, only a handful of low-quality clips of the dub have surfaced. Due to the fact the series only aired once throughout its run, it is unlikely the entire series will emerge completed.

Found Footage of the Dub

VHS rip of The Greatest Rivals.

VHS rip of Dragon Ball Z: The Movie.

Ending credits to The Greatest Rivals (uploaded by Strawhat Saiyans).

Trailer for the dub of the 10th and 11th movies (uploaded by sandiessss).

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