Dragon Hunters (partially found 2D pilot; 2002)

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Chasseurs de dragons 1.webp

A screenshot of the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Dragon Hunters is a French animated TV series created by Arthur Qwak and produced by Futurikon and Tooncan. The show follows the adventures of two hunters, Gwizdo and Lian-Chu, in a medieval world terrorized by dragons. A 3-D movie and a video game based on the same universe have also been released.

In 2019 some scenes of the 2D pilot were found on Pascal David's website, which he made available in a Show Reel on Vimeo and is viewable on his website.[1][2] The 2D pilot looked better than the finished series in terms of presentation and quality. According to Pascal David's LinkedIn, the information says that the pilot was completed from January 2002 to April 2002.[3] Patrice Suau, an illustrator, created the backgrounds for the 2D pilot.[4]


The biggest difference between the pilot and the finished series is the quality, the different art style, and the animation itself, as well as that some characters like Gwizdo and The Zimbranelle Dwarves look completely different in design from the finished TV show.

Gwizdo, the main protagonist, has a different look than in the finished TV show, which you can see in one of the scenes. Despite the poor quality of the pilot, you can see that Gwizdo is wearing a different hat. A similar design of Gwizdo can be seen on Arthur Qwak's old inactive website, [5] which indicates that the design of the 2D pilot and the one from the concept art are the same, except that his clothes in the pilot are grayish looking.


According to new information, Pascal David had a Myspace account that has the said pilot. The video, which is unfortunately no longer viewable, is 2:37 minutes long. It is unknown if it is the complete pilot or only a part of it.[6]



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