Drome Racing Challenge (lost massively multiplayer online Lego.com racing game; 2002-2007)

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A screenshot of the game's logo on the Lego website.

Status: Lost

Drome Racing Challenge was a free massively multiplayer online game that operated on Lego.com from 2002 until its shutdown on April 31st, 2007. The game was created by Gamelab using Macromedia/Adobe Shockwave and was based on LEGO's Drome Racers theme.

The game was an MMO, with the player able to customize their driver and vehicle and race in various tracks. The game featured a digital economy, where parts could be purchased but were locked behind a License class. As the player improved in the game, more powerful parts would be unlocked.[1]

The game featured six zones (Ice, Jungle, Urban, Beach, High Speed, and Desert) which tested different elements of the cars. The player could choose from five teams: High Octane (H.O.T.), Maverick, Nitro, Race Extreme Design (R.E.D.), and Zero. A sixth team, Ex-Team, existed within the game but could not be joined. Teams would meet on the Lego Message Boards to discuss and plan. H.OT. proved to be dominant, with a win percentage 11% higher than the next-closest team.[2]

The game's closure was announced in April 2007, with the cited reason being hackers ruining the experience for other users.[3] A sequel, Lego Racers Challenge, was developed to replace it, with the goal of "everything that was great about that game... with added security and gameplay features".[4] It was also discontinued and is also lost.

No video exists of the game in action, although photographs do exist. In an email in 2018, Gamelab founder Eric Zimmerman said he did not "have copies of the code we can distribute. In the case of games like our LEGO games, LEGO still owns the rights to the games."[5]