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Dungeon Quest 2013.png

The only screenshot known to exist of Dungeon Quest.

Status: Lost

Dungeon Quest (not to be confused with the action RPG Dungeon Quest! by Shiny Box[1] or the RPG dungeon crawler Dungeon Quest within Roblox by vCaffy[2]) was a mobile game based on the board game DungeonQuest by Fantasy Flight Games. Dungeon Quest was developed by the Japanse company GMO, who used the software engine G-Gee as the platform, and the game was published by the Japanse company Arclight Games in early 2013 for the Google Play Store.[3]

Arclight Games had published the Japanese version of the board game DungeonQuest a few years prior. However, the license agreement for the mobile game was not made between Arclight Games and Fantasy Flight Games but rather between Arclight Games, the Swedish toy company BRIO and the Swedish board game designer Jakob Bonds (who owned the copyright of the original Swedish game Drakborgen, on which DungeonQuest was based). The previous agreement between BRIO, Bonds and Fantasy Flight Games did not include a digital version of the game and that is why Arclight Games had to make a deal directly with the copyright holders.[3]


Dungeon Quest was met mostly with negative reception. Two of the criticisms regarded the fact that the game did not capture the feel of the Fantasy Flight Games version of DungeonQuest very well and also that the new graphics did not suit the game's atmosphere. Due to the negative reception, Dungeon Quest was removed from the Google Play Store in 2014.[3]


Information regarding Dungeon Quest is sparse and only one screenshot is known to exist. Both the screenshot and all the known information about the game was published in the Swedish book Boken om Drakborgen, which was written by Orvar Säfström and Jimmy Wilhelmsson and published in 2020.


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