Dustin Diamond Teaches Chess (found educational video; 2001)

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The VHS cover of the film.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Jun 2022

Found by: Official Website

Dustin Diamond Teaches Chess is a 2001 instructional video released by Caissa Productions. It stars Dustin Diamond (best known for playing Samuel "Screech" Powers in Saved by the Bell) and David Gliksman (no information known). The video is about four hours long [1]. It revolves around Diamond and Gliksman teaching the audience all about chess. Gliksman acts as the "chess master", and Diamond acts as a student. It is rumored that the film was inspired by Diamond's character on Saved by the Bell, who is a chess master. Diamond has also said that he has been playing chess since age five [2]. Only one trailer and a few select images have surfaced.

Dustin Diamond passed away from cancer on February 1st, 2021.


The basic plot is Diamond and Gliksman teach the audience all about chess. Not much is known about the actual plot besides this. The trailer shows Diamond introducing the audience to the film, as well as Glikman teaching basic moves to Diamond, who does numerous culturally inappropriate impressions. It is speculated that this is how the entire film is.


The video went directly to VHS. It is unknown if it were ever sold in video stores, but it is confirmed to have been sold through the now-defunct website thegamester.com. It is also speculated that the trailer came from thegamester, as there is no evidence of any other media that contains the trailer. There is a possibility it is available in full from uschess.com [3], however an ID is needed to access the link [1].


A wiki user discovered that the VHS may be available at various libraries in Maryland, though nobody has borrowed it or digitized it [4].

In 2021, a website called dustindiamondteacheschess.com went live. The website allegedly used to link to Vimeo pages for both parts of the video, however, both of these links now are defunct. The owner of the website is unknown.

In 2022, the same website made both parts of the video series available for purchase [5]. Purchasing both parts costs $40 when bought as a pair. Reddit user u/typeforty reportedly purchased the film and said that it is legitimate and is "really not worth $40. [6]"


The trailer for the video.

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