Dweebers (lost build of cancelled Game Boy game; 1989-1990)

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Early prototype box art for the game.

Status: Lost

Dweebers is a cancelled Game Boy game developed by the company Vic Tokai. It was set to be released sometime in 1989-1990.

Sightings and information

One mention of Dweebers was in the Vic Tokai product line 1989-1990 brochure [1] and another in a book called Video Game Quest: The Complete Guide to Home Video Game Systems, Video Games and Accessories published in 1990[2]

The game's description from both sources is:

"So what if you've got a Styrofoam face? Hey, it's a dweeb world out there! Dweebers knows that. That's why we've given your hero a steam iron face, grasshopper legs, and little booties that look like Volkswagons. Think that's outrageous? Wait till you meet up with your fish larvae enemies! Come on. What are you waiting for? Be a dweeb!"


One theory by a blogger named Chris Bieniek is that Dweebs might be a game called "Gathers", another cancelled game by Vic Tokai. He mentions how the creatures in the game look like the ones from Dweebers.[3]