Eat Bulaga! Silver Special (found TV special of the show’s 25th-anniversary celebration; 2004)

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Title card of the event.

Status: Found

Date found: 24 Aug 2023

Found by: TheComputerParts

Eat Bulaga! Silver Special is the 25th-anniversary celebration of Eat Bulaga! held at the Clark Expo amphitheater in Clarkfield, Angeles City, Pampanga on November 19th, 2004.[1] Attended by over 60,000 spectators, it is dubbed the “greatest show on earth” with an iconic special presentation. It first aired on television as a two-part episode on November 27th and 29th, 2004. A behind-the-scenes special known as Eat Bulaga! Silver Sunday Special was aired on November 28th, 2004.

It won the Best Entertainment (One-Off/Annual) Special Award at the 10th Asian TV Awards in Singapore on December 1st, 2005. The event was hailed as the most successful television event on Philippine TV, enjoying the highest daytime TV rating at that time.[2]


TAPE, Inc., the producer of Eat Bulaga! reportedly spent no less than P35 million for the special and a whole year of planning and conceptualization was done with three months to prepare the venue and several weeks of rehearsals. The Angeles-based Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea were tasked to handle the logistics and crowd management.[3]

Nearly 2,000 children were gathered from Sto. Rosario Elementary School and Francisco G. Nepocumeno Memorial High School in Angeles City to participate in the event. Eric Pineda of EMBRC, Inc. was in charge of the children’s costumes on which P3 million was spent alone, and the production design. Other costumes and formal wear were also designed by Paul Cabral, Totoy Madriaga, and other local costume designers. About P3 million were reportedly spent just on costumes. Numerous former hosts such as Aiza Seguerra, Coney Reyes, and the original host of the show Chiqui Hollman joined with the current hosts. Various celebrities such as Francis Magalona and Dolphy have also participated in the special.[3]

The special celebration was directed by Bert de Leon, Jojo Jardeleza, Poochie Rivera, and Ding Bolaños. The musical director was Louie Ocampo.[4]

The Event

Pictures from the opening number.

The show began with the 2,000 children singing the Eat Bulaga! theme song in unison.[5] It segues to Tito, Vic, Joey aboard a mock space capsule that brought them back to 1979, the year Eat Bulaga! was launched. A 15-minute display of dances was then shown along with several flashbacks of various events since then like Margaret Thatcher’s installation as British prime minister, Saddam Hussein as president of Iraq, sports triumphs like Bong Coo being a bowling world champion, and various trends in music since the 70s. The mock space capsule then flew across the audience area and landed on the stage. The trio was overwhelmed by the size of the crowd. They immediately sang the multilingual version of the show’s theme song along with other hosts.[4]

The succeeding segments were joined by several people who were on the show. The special also tried to feature everyone that was on the show, via clips or production numbers. There were also throwback segments to different periods of the show. As a tribute to two late Eat Bulaga! co-hosts Helen Vela and Rio Diaz, Aiza Seguerra and Pops Fernandez sang The Warrior is a Child. Production numbers of all the dance hits that were a part of the program are also a part of segments which included “Macho Man”, “Lambada”, “Thriller” among others. Rochelle Pangilinan and the SexBomb Girls also performed along with Samantha “Gracia” Lopez. The biggest tribute was given to Dolphy, known as the “King of Comedy” who joined Tito, Vic, and Joey in a medley of foreign classics that led them to do an on-air banter.[4]

The special ended with the hosts singing “Thanks To You” and a series of fireworks above the venue with them singing the theme song of the show.[6]


Present hosts

  • Tito Sotto
  • Jimmy Santos
  • Janno Gibbs
  • Toni Gonzaga
  • Teri Onor
  • Jose Manalo

  • Vic Sotto
  • Ruby Rodriguez
  • Francis Magalona
  • Paolo Ballesteros
  • Michael V
  • Wally Bayola

  • Joey de Leon
  • Allan K
  • Toni Rose Gayda
  • Gladys Guevarra
  • Anjo Yllana
  • Pia Guanio

Celebrity performers

  • Chiqui Hollman
  • Aiza Seguerra
  • Patricia Javier
  • Regine Velasquez
  • Sunshine Cruz
  • Yasmien Kurdi
  • Cristine Reyes
  • Alvin Aragon
  • G. Toengi
  • Danilo Barrios
  • Helen Gamboa
  • Dolphy Quizon
  • Dindin Llarena
  • Rochelle Pangilinan
  • Maricar de Mesa
  • Ana & Soraya
  • Keempee de Leon
  • Iza Calzado

  • Lani Mercado
  • Jessa Zaragoza
  • Diana Zubiri
  • Pops Fernandez
  • Jennylyn Mercado
  • Rainier Castillo
  • Dion Ignacio
  • Jade Lopez
  • January Isaac
  • Andrew E
  • Mark Herras
  • Katrina Halili
  • Tyrone Perez
  • Juliana Palermo
  • Sheena Halili
  • Regine Tolentino
  • Kyla
  • Karylle

  • Coney Reyes
  • Donna Cruz
  • Sheree
  • Chynna Ortaleza
  • Carlo Maceda
  • John Hall
  • Jordan Herrera
  • Streetboys
  • Maneouvers
  • Abstract
  • E-Male
  • TG Dancers
  • Danz Focus
  • Dino Guevarra
  • Sherwin Ordoñez
  • Showdown Sweethearts

VTR performers/messages

  • Jericho Rosales
  • Samantha "Gracia" Lopez

  • Ces Quesada
  • Joyce Jimenez

  • Christine Jacob


DVD Cover.

It was aired on television as a two-part episode on November 27 and 29, 2004 due to the actual event lasting four hours. It was reaired on December 30-31, 2004.

A special documentary titled Eat Bulaga! Silver Sunday Special was aired on November 28 at 9:00 PM and featured the preparations of the show leading to the grand event along with interviews from TVJ and the production staff. It also featured two superfans that were invited to watch the event. It was hosted by Arnold Clavio and Rhea Santos and was jointly produced by TAPE, Inc. and GMA Network. A behind-the-cameras documentary was included in the DVD.

In 2011, Eat Bulaga! gave away 3,000 limited edition DVDs of the episode. Selected portions of the special were reaired on TV on April 25, 2020[7] and on the same year after receiving numerous requests, Eat Bulaga! Made the DVD copies available to the public for purchase once again, priced at ₱1,500.[8]

Parts of the special are available on the Internet. Some parts were uploaded by Eat Bulaga! themselves.[9][5] The 2020 reairing was soon uploaded on YouTube but was quickly terminated. The Silver Sunday Special was first uploaded by Ryandgreat, a TV recording.[10] A user named TheComputerParts confirmed he had the DVD in 2022 and uploaded the Silver Sunday Special on March 6, 2023,[11] but the main event is still yet to be uploaded. The behind-the-cameras documentary also resurfaced.[12]

The full main event, however, was uploaded by a user known as “HTC” on April 2023, a TV recording from its December 2004 reairing. It was compiled by JACOBSHLTR.[13][14][15] Performances of Dolphy and Francis Magalona are unfortunately cut but were available in clips uploaded by EB and from the 2020 reairing. However, some small portions were cut and the Dolphy video uploaded by the show is stretched to a 16:9 aspect ratio.[16][9]

On August 24th, 2023, archivist TheComputerParts finally uploaded the full DVDrip to YouTube[17]

HTC's TV recording

HTC's TV recording compiled by JACOBSHLTR.

TheComputerParts's DVDrip

TCP's DVDrip


The opening number from the 2020 reairing.

TV recording of the finale.

Eat Bulaga! Silver Sunday Special

Behind the Cameras.

Dolphy performance uploaded by Eat Bulaga! themselves.

Francis Magalona, Andrew E., Michael V. performance from the 2020 reairing

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