Eat Carpet (partially found Australian short films showcase series; 1989-2005)

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Eatcarpet logo1.png

Eat Carpet logo, from its 2003-2005 era.

Status: Partially Found

Eat Carpet was an Australian short films showcase series, airing on SBS from 1989 to 2005. The series boasts an impressive roster, having aired upwards of 3,000 short films from all over the world during its 16 years on the air; it was originally presented by Annette Shun Wah.

The majority of the shorts shown during Eat Carpet's run were created by amateur/lesser-known directors and film students, with up to a dozen shorts screening during the show's weekly one hour time slot; the subject and nature of these shorts was wide and varied, with both fictional (music videos, animations, etc.) and non-fictional (documentaries, interviews, etc.) shorts being featured.

Following the cancellation of Eat Carpet in 2005, it was replaced by a spiritual successor series titled Shorts on Screen, which would go on to last for a further 10 years, before being cancelled in 2015.

Of Eat Carpet's massive run, only a fraction of the episodes have shown up online, with not even a single episode of the show from its final era (ie. 2003-2005) being available; most of the currently accessible episodes were made so by YouTubers Maximus Headroom and eatcarpetsbs.[1]


A fraction of one of the show's episodes.

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