Edward and Friends (partially lost original English dub of animated series based on LEGO "Fabuland" theme; 1987-1988)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Edward and Friends was the LEGO company's first-ever foray into TV animation. It was a young children's TV show with a runtime of 5 minutes based on their then-running line Fabuland, it was set around the characters of that line, most notably, who else, Edward Elephant and his friends such as Lionel Lion and Bonnie Bunny, and it would usually have some kind of moral for the children every episode. It was made by Film Fair Productions in the usual stop-motion puppet style (not actual LEGO stop-motion, though some elements may strongly resemble actual LEGO) and aired in 1987 and continued to air in 1988 in the UK and in Canada on TVO.


The series had a mostly complete but not whole home media release, being published in the UK. The first VHS released was Edward Gets the Hiccups and 8 Other Stories: Volume 1, being the first season of the series. The second was a promotional VHS called 'A Taste of' Edward and Friends, which included 'Edward to the Rescue', 'The Play', 'A Day for Skating', 'Bonnie and the Mole', and 'Max and the Rainbow'. The third was a season 2 release, named Edward to the Rescue and 8 Other Stories: Volume 2. The next two UK releases would be rereleases of Volume 1 and 2 under the Children's Choice label.

Volume 1 and 2 would be released in Hungary in a new dub, with notably them containing eight additional episodes not seen in the UK release. These would be known from their television broadcast as Edward and the Big Balloon, Catherin's Cake, The Great Race, The Snowfall, The Clock Tower, Clive Is Taller, Edward and the Statue, and The Expedition. Despite all three sets of episodes airing on TV nearly back-to-back, these eight episodes would be considered 'specials', and not a third season.

Out of the 26 episodes, 18 are available in English, and 20 are available in Hungarian.

It was speculated that they were two more episodes of the series, being A Trust To Nature (also supposedly renamed Edward's Butterfly during its run on CBeebies) and Christmas in Fabuland. However, it would later be confirmed that they were only in book form.

Episode Title English Availability Hungarian Availability
Edward Gets the Hiccups Found Lost
Lionel's Party Found Lost
Boris Gets a Scooter Found Found
Clive's Kite Found Lost
Bertie's First Case Found Found
Edward and the Camera Found Found
Edward Joins the Band Found Lost
Edward Goes Jogging Found Lost
Wilfred's Treasure Found Found
Edward to the Rescue Found Found
The Play Found Found
A Day for Skating Found Found
Bonnie and the Mole Found Found
Max and the Rainbow Found Lost
Wilfred's Rocking Chair Found Found
Edward Tries to Help Found Found
Lionel's Car Found Found
A Robot for Max Found Found
Edward and the Big Balloon Lost Found
Catherin's Cake Lost Found
The Great Race Lost Found
The Snowfall Lost Found
The Clock Tower Lost Found
Clive Is Taller Lost Found
Edward and the Statue Lost Found
The Expedition Lost Found