El show de Condorito (partially found animated shorts of cancelled Chilean TV show; 2003)

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Status: Partially Found

El show de Condorito (Condorito's Show translated in English) was a planned Chilean animated short series produced by MCFilms about Condorito (a popular character from the eponymous Chilean comic strip) traveling to many places of the world and interacting with real people and events. The show would debut at the L.A. Screening event in 2003.[1]

Directed by Daniel de la Vega from Chile, with animation by Daniel Pérez from Argentina,[2] the plan was to make 18 episodes, each lasting 1.5 minutes.[3] The cast included Yasmín Valdés, Fernando Kliche, Helvecia Viera, Hugo Medina, Sergio Hernández, Adrián Montealegre, Hugo Espinoza, and Felipe Ríos.[4]


According to Condorito's official page, 16 episodes were planned but never released. Condorito, Coné, and Washington would be presented as cartoons, while the rest of the human characters would be interpreted by real actors. The show was never broadcast on television due to budget issues.[5]

During a 2003 interview in De Pé a Pá by Pedro Carcuro, a preview was shown with various scenes of Condorito in historical events and real-world moments. These are the only footage shown to the public since its announcement.


De Pé a Pá segment interviewing Condorito with a mix of 2D animation and live action.

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