Element 111 Rg (partially lost level from Geometry Dash; 2014)

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Screenshot of the level.

Status: Partially Lost

Geometry Dash is a series of music platforming games developed by Swedish developer Robert Topala (RobTop, RubRub) and published by RobTop Games. The first version, called 1.0, was released on August 13, 2013 on iOS and Android. On Steam was released since version 1.9 on December 22, 2014.

To this day, the game is popular with an extensive level editor. Every second, all newly released levels from random players get into the Recent tab, some of which become recognizable and iconic. However, relatively recently, the other side of the coin was revealed to the players. In the field of creating levels, not everyone can be lucky. In Geometry Dash, there are a lot of projects that either quickly lost they low popularity, or were not noticed at all and soon completely lost.


57% on Silent Club.

Silent Club[1] is a level very known in the community. This level has made a huge contribution to the "Silent" level series. Silent Club was published April 1, 2014 by BlackP2SFull. The level became famous because of the insane difficulty at the time. Despite the fact that the level could probably be dishonestly completed, it continued to be rated, although it should not have happened otherwise. Silent Club ended up being unrated, presumably between January 11, 2015 and April 3, 2015. South Korean player "GW Arco" decided to organize a large-scale project in which everyone could participate, assuming a large series of levels. The idea was that players had to create levels named appropriately based on the Mendeleev's table. All this was organized without control. Many levels from this series either did not start, or were removed, respectively, are also lost. Of the 118 planned levels, a maximum of about 20-30 were completed.


2% on Element 111 Rg

The exception of all the creators who eventually took part in the project was the creator of FolderRing (DarkX). He released the only full level, which is called Element 111 Rg. It is not known exactly when the level was released. Presumably this happened between 7 of April, 2014. There were relatively many comments about this level on the project forum. Nobody spoke negatively, but some people called it impossible. The only adequate progress that could be found was 41% in Practice Mode. Players began to declare the Secret Passage in the level. It consisted in abusing the hitboxes of the game. The character had to catch the timing and move by jumping in strange angled jumps between the spikes. 27 of May - 15 of August, 2014 Element 111 Rg was unrated and removed from the servers.

Information from "Restoration Union"

The first post about the level came out on the same day, where he showed the level to a user with the nickname "Gw Unicorn". This Gw Unicorn was engaged in commentary and showcasing some parts of various levels, but with Element 111 Rg it wasn't done as usual, properly. When he was ready to fully showcase the level, DarkX changed his mind and asked Gw Unicorn to cancel the application.

Later, a screenshot was found with a letter from the game developer, where he replied to DarkX's letter. RobTop encouraged the creator to fix the secret way in the level. Judging by the saved commentary in the game, he complied with Robert's conditions.

DarkX was most likely kicked out of the build team, who were going to create 7 more levels, for what they did. It is known that 112-115 should build "Sundal", and 116-118 "filein pay" (Pailyn). All the other 7 levels were never completed. There are clear similarities between Element 111 Rg and Silent Club. Based on the findings, it can be stated that the level is third of plagiarism.

GW Zac remembered most of the level's gameplay. He showed several sections that were roughly present in Element 111 Rg. One of the first DarkX levels was found, it was called Theory of Clutter, that was published with nickname DarkM on February 16, 2014.

YouTube user "Geome-Try Dasher?" uploaded to his channel a video[2] from 2014 with the walkthrough of the level in Practice Mode. Since there are no arguments to distrust this video yet, it has become considered reliable.

Final Version

The level starts with a cube stage, which sometimes changes to a ball with a lot of timings. Then a complex ship begins, on which the character changes gravity almost immediately. After the ship comes a cube (which will turn into a ball in the middle of the stage) where you need to make a couple of jumps. The next stage is a mini-ball, where you need to get into narrow passages. Next comes the ship with a change in gravity at the end. Then comes the UFO stage, where you need to fly around invisible saws. Next comes the mini-ship, which often changes gravity. After that comes a cube on which you need to remember how to jump. Next comes the ball stage. The ball is followed by a cube, where you first need to jump in time, and then spam on the blue spheres. Next comes a mini-UFO, on which you need to go through a tunnel with spikes in 1 block, periodically clicking on the purple spheres in the tunnel. Also, you can be prevented from passing this stage by spam by reversal portals. After that, the UFO increases and you need to make 3 clicks on it, flying through a tunnel with spikes, which periodically expands, then you need to spam the UFO to the very ceiling, while flying into the tunnel in 2 blocks. Next comes a mini-ship, on which you first need to fly through a tunnel in 1 block, in which blue spheres are placed every 2 blocks; then you need to fly through a narrow passage, on which there are a bunch of gravity portals. Next, you need to click on the cube on the correct spheres among their huge number. After that, there is a rather easy stage of the ball, where you need to change gravity in time. Next comes the boat, where you first need to fly a straightfly with a change in gravity. Then the boat decreases, and now you need to fly through the jaws of the monsters. After that comes a mini-UFO, where you need to fly through 7 columns in one block. Next comes the UFO, where you need to jump in time. Next, a mini-boat awaits you, where you need to fly in 1 column 1.5 blocks wide.