Emergency Broadcast System (partially lost Emergency Warning System; 1963-1997)

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A video slide that was used to announce an EBS test on KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minnesota.

Status: Partially Lost

The Emergency Broadcast System, also called the Emergency Action Notification System was an emergency warning system used in the United States from 1963 in which replaced the CONELRAD and up until 1997 where it was replaced by the Emergency Alert System. However, as the EBS was replaced by the EAS, recordings of EBS Tests & Warnings have become obscure and very hard to find.

EBS Broadcasts

EBS Stress Test (1963-1976)

During the early days of the EBS, stations would turn their transmitters on and off and transmit a 1000 Hz tone for 15 seconds and announce the test message. This became known as the EBS Stress Test by broadcasters due to the repeat nature of turning their transmitters on and off and the high chance for the equipment to malfunction. [1] As of February 2018, no known recording of an actual EBS Stress Test exists anywhere on the web.

EBS Video Slides (1976-1997)

Beginning around 1976, each station was given a video card, in which various designs became available over the span of twenty years. Around 80 EBS Video Slides (Mainly EBS Tests) from all different stations resurfaced online. It's unlikely that all EBS Video Slides will ever be recovered as there were hundreds of them made for each station throughout the United States.

List of Known EBS Video Slides

Station Video Slide Type Years Used Status
KOVR TV-13 EBS Test 1980-1987 Found
KPTV TV-12 EBS Test 198?-199? Lost
KABC TV-7 EBS Test 1976-1997 Lost
KATV TV-7 EBS Test Early 1980s-1997 Found
KCAL TV-9 EBS Test 1989-1997 Lost
KCAL TV-9 EBS Warning 1992 Found
KCBS TV-2 EBS Test 1988-1994 Lost
KDKA TV-2 EBS Test Early 1980s-1997 Found
KELO TV-11, KDLO TV-3 & KPLO TV-6 EBS Test 1986?-1997 Found
KEYC TV-12 EBS Test 1990-1994 Found
KGO TV-7 EBS Test Early 1980s-1997 Found
KHOU TV-11 EBS Test 1987-1989 Found w/No Attention Signal
KHOU TV-11 EBS Test 1989-1997 Found
KIMA TV-29 EBS Test 1976-1997 Found
KIRO TV-7 EBS Test 1981-1987 Found
KIXE TV-9 EBS Test 198?-1997 Found
KNBC TV-4 EBS Test 1982-1986 Found
KNBC TV-4 EBS Test 1986-1994 Lost
KNBC TV-4 EBS Test 1994-1997 Found
KNXT TV-2 EBS Test 1979-1984 Found
KOMO TV-4 EBS Test 1987-1997 Found
KPRC TV-2 EBS Test 1985-1994 Found
KRON TV-4 EBS Test 1976-1997 Found
KSHB TV-41 EBS Test 1992-1994 Partially Found
KTLA TV-5 EBS Test 1981-1997 Found
KTRK TV-13 EBS Test 1976-1997 Found
KTTV TV-11 EBS Test 1981-1986 Found
KTTV TV-11 EBS Test 1986-1994 Lost
KTVK TV-3 EBS Warning 198?-1997 Found
KVIA TV-7 & KAVE TV-6 EBS Test 1981?-1987 Found
KVOS TV-12 EBS Test 1979-1988 Found
WATL TV-36 EBS Test 198?-1986 Found
WATL TV-36 EBS Test 1986-1990? Found
WAVE TV-3 EBS Test 199?-1997 Found
WAVY TV-10 EBS Test 1989-1997 Found
WBAL TV-11 EBS Test 1990-1997 Found
WBNG TV-12 EBS Test 1995-1997 Found
WBZ TV-4 EBS Test 1987-1997 Found
WCBS TV-2 EBS Test 1976-1981 Found
WCBS TV-2 EBS Test 1981-1984 Found
WDCA TV-20 EBS Test Circa 1988 Found
WDIV TV-4 EBS Test 1980s-1989 Lost
WFAA TV-8 EBS Test 1976-1983? Found
WFAA TV-8 EBS Test 1983?-1997 Partially Found
WFLD TV-32 EBS Test 1984-1986 Found
WFMJ TV-21 EBS Warning 1986-1994 Found
WFSB TV-3 EBS Test 1983-1993 Found
WGN TV-9 EBS Test 1976-1983 Found w/only 853hz tone
WGN TV-9 EBS Test 1983-1993 Lost
WGN TV-9 EBS Warning 1983-1993 Found
WHAS TV-11 EBS Test 1991-1997 Found
WHP TV-21 EBS Test Early 1980s-1987 Found
WJAR TV-10 EBS Test 1980-1997 Found
WKBD TV-50 EBS Test Circa 1989 Lost
WLNE TV-6 EBS Test 199?-1997 Found
WLS TV-7 EBS Test Early 1980s-Late 1980s Found
WLS TV-7 EBS Test Late 1980s-1997 Found
WMAQ-TV 5 EBS Test 1979-1986 Found
WMAQ-TV 5 EBS Test 1992-1997 Found
WNAC TV-7 EBS Test 1978-1981 Found
WNBC TV-4 EBS Test 1979-1986 Found
WNYB TV-49 EBS Test 1987-1997 Found
WNYW TV-5 EBS Test 1986-1997 Found
WOR TV-9 EBS Test 1976-198? Partially Found
WPIX TV-11 EBS Test 1976-1986 Found
WPTF TV-28 EBS Test 1987-1991 Partially Found
WPTF TV-28 EBS Warning 1987-1991 Found
WPVI TV-6 EBS Test 1986-1997 Found
WRAU/WHOI TV-19 EBS Test 197?-1995 Lost
WROC TV-8 EBS Test 1986-199? Found
WSAZ TV-3 EBS Test Early 1980s-1997 Found
WSMH TV-66 EBS Test 1984-1997 Found
WSNS TV-44 EBS Test 1976-1985 Partially Found
WTCN/WUSA/KARE TV-11 EBS Test 1979-1997 Partially Found
WTBS TV-17 EBS Test 1981-1990 Lost
WTTG TV-5 EBS Test 1984-1986 Partially Found
WTVT TV-13 EBS Test 1978-1989 Partially Found
WVIA TV-44 EBS Test 199?-1997 Partially Found
WVIT TV-30 EBS Map Display 1976-1986 Found
WVIT TV-30 EBS Map Display 1986-1997 Found
WVTV TV-18 EBS Test 1978-1987 Found
WWOR TV-9 EBS Test 1987-1997 Found
WXYZ TV-7 EBS Test Late 1970s-Early 1980s Found
An unknown Salt Lake City TV Station EBS Test Circa 1988 Found


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