Emo Girl Talk (lost podcast episodes; 2005-2014)

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Emo girl talk.jpg

Logo for the podcast.

Status: Lost

Emo Girl Talk was a music-focused talk podcast hosted by Martina Butler, which ran from 2005 to 2014. As the title of the podcast suggests, it centered around Martina, who would discuss her daily life, as well as emo bands, from which she'd play songs from said bands. In its heyday, the podcast was very successful, earning thousands of listeners and subscribers from around the world. Butler also earned notoriety as being the first teenaged podcaster to receive a corporate sponsorship.[1] The podcast was also featured on episode 118 of the PBS Kids series Biz Kid$.

The podcast was hosted by the company Mevio (formerly PodShow, prior to 2008). in 2014, the company shut down, giving its users 10 days to migrate their feeds to other platforms before losing it permanently. It is likely that Emo Girl Talk was one of the shutdown's casualties, as it stopped updating ever since then, and all feeds and uploads of the episodes have disappeared ever since. There are some websites that still list the podcast, but none of the episodes are playable.[2] As of December 2019, there are still no known archives of the podcast's episodes.