Enemy Within (lost build of cancelled PC/Amiga action-strategy game; 1991)

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Enemy within.jpg

Only known screenshot of the game.

Status: Lost

Enemy Within is an action-strategy game that was originally meant to be released in mid-1991 on PC and Amiga. It was developed by Cinemaware shortly before the company got shut down.


The plot had a rogue secret agent on miscellaneous missions; gameplay had him not being directly controlled by the player, but given commands in order to execute actions.

Character dialogues were represented with digitized actors facing the camera. Some of the characters, interface, and mini-games were animated/designed by graphic designer Jeff Godfrey.


In an interview, producer Bob Jacob claimed that Enemy Within was a "great game design that would have redefined gaming as we know it" and that it was "so far advanced in concept that its basic creative core still has not been achieved".

The official Cinemaware website mentions this cancelled project in its trivia and calls it The Enemy Within.

See Also

  • Rollerbabes, another cancelled PC/Amiga game that had Jeff Godfrey as a graphic designer.