English Pingu (partially lost English dub of children's stop-motion series; 2000-2002)

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Cover of the first volume.

Status: Partially Lost

Pingu is one of the most popular stop-motion series of the 90s and 2000s. The show is famous for its use of 'Penguinese', a grammelot fictional language spoken by the characters that gives the series much of its unique charm. Despite this, it was used as the basis for a series of English-language training tapes released throughout 2000 via direct-to-video and again in 2002, only in South Korea. The first season was the only one to get this treatment, this dub has since become infamous due to its poor grammar and voice acting.


The dub was released exclusively on 6 VHS volumes, each containing 4-5 redubbed episodes. The voice actors make little effort to perform their characters, instead opting for clear but stilted and grammatically incorrect single-sentence readings, while matching subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen to emphasize the lesson. This unfortunately only compounds the awkwardness of the translation, often misspelling words and sometimes not matching what's being said. At the end of every episode, there is a Listen & Repeat segment where a narrator repeats all the lines said in the episode.


Nearly all of the volumes were available online from Youtube user 레전드킹 VCR.[1] The only volume that is currently lost is Volume 3, which contains the rest of the episodes from Season 1 and has yet to surface online in any form as of now. On September 2nd, 2022, an image of the physical third tape was discovered on the internet. In October 2022, the youtube links were blocked by Mattel. However, they were uploaded to the internet archive a couple weeks before the Youtube playlist was taken down.[2]

Episode list

Volume Original Episode Title Title in The Dub Status
1 Hello Pingu I am Pingu Found
Pingu Looks After the Egg Pingu sits on eggs
Pingu Delivers the Mail Little Postman
Pingu Goes Fishing Go Fishing
The New Arrival Birth of Pinga
2 Jealousy Jealousy Found
Pingu Plays Fish Tennis Play volleyball
Hide and Seek Snowball Fighting
Barrel of Fun Sledding
Skiing Go Skiing
3 Lost Baby Pinga Gets Lost Lost
Ice Hockey Playing Hockey
Building Igloos Igloo
Sledging Sled Race
4 Pingu Runs Away I Hate Mom Found
Music Lessons Playing Accordion
Pingu's Ice Cave Adventure
Pingu and Pinga Stay Up I Can't Sleep
5 Little Accidents Bathroom Found
School Time At School
Grandpa is ill Sick Grandpa
Pingu's Dream Scary Dream
6 Pingu's Circus Circus Found
Pingu and the Barrel Organ Barrel Organ
Noise So Much Noise
Pingu and Pinga at Home Home Alone


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