Eragon (lost unreleased deleted scenes of book-based fantasy film; 2006)

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Eragon movie poster.jpg

The poster for the movie.

Status: Lost

Eragon is a young adult fantasy novel published in 2001. It details the adventures of a boy named Eragon who finds a dragon named Saphira. In 2006, a live-action film adaptation was released.[1]

The film had several scenes that weren't shown in the final cut or on the DVD. Some of them include extended battle scenes with Eragon and Arya fighting and using magic together, Murtagh and Eragon in the mountains, and Brom giving Eragon the sword Zar'roc (which in the final film he gives Eragon as he is dying).

The film's released deleted scenes notably received positive reviews from fans of the books, in contrast to the film itself. Much of this stems from the fact that many scenes corresponded to source material not featured in the final cut. It is reasonable to assume that some of the lost footage contained scenes featured in the book.



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