Escape from Jurassic Park (lost production material of cancelled movie-based animated series; 1993)

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Status: Lost

Escape from Jurassic Park was a cancelled animated series based on the 1993 blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie quickly became popular due to its innovative concept and its use of CGI animation. In a decade where most movies were getting their own TV series (such as The Real Ghostbusters and Men In Black), it would seem natural that Jurassic Park would have its own animated series due to the movie's massive success.


Sometime in the early 1990s, writer, storyboard and comics artist Will Meugniot (who worked on shows such as GI Joe, Captain Planet, and Batman: The Animated Series) made a phone call to artist William Stout about the creation of the series. According to Stout, the show was intended for a more mature audience and would have been shown on prime time television. However, he also stated that children of all ages could enjoy the show as well. The show was also going to contain a graphic novel style of animation and would have merged both CGI and traditional animation.[1]

A full trailer was made for the series to test out the look and style of the show, which was awaiting Spielberg's approval. Spielberg apparently didn't even bother to watch it and so the show was cancelled due to the fact that he was tired with all of the commercialism and merchandising that the movie had made on its own.[1]


Although no physical copies of the show exist online, Stout claims to have a copy of the trailer in his possession.[1]

In August of 2015, Stout shared multiple concept art for the series. The concept art revealed information about the series. One of which being that many characters from the movie would be present in the show. There are also multiple sketches of dinosaurs in certain scenarios, such as one being hand fed with a hand puppet. These pictures can be found both on his blog page and various other websites.


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