Everywhere at the End of Time (lost final 5-minute original sample from English electronic musician; 2019)

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EATOT Stage 6 Cover.jpg

Cover for 'Stage 6' of the album.

Status: Lost

Everywhere at the end of time is the eleventh album recording from “The Caretaker” or Leyland Kirby in 2016-2019. The album uses samples from ballroom music on loop to portray the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. While a lot of the samples throughout the album were identified, the sample for final five minutes of the last song “Places in the world fades away” hasn’t been identified or found.


For the final track, “Places in the World Fades Away”, it starts off by using organ drones that has been compared to the movie, Interstellar.[1] The organ then gives a needle drop for the climax of EATEOT. The final minutes plays a audible choir sourced from a degrading vinyl player[2] before being cut to silence, implying that the patient died.

A post was then made on /r/lostmedia by u/Wieniehutjuinior about the sample for the final 5 minutes of EATEOT is lost, and Kirby won’t say the name of the record.[3] A user who goes by the name “Empolyee427” then comments about information that the poster missed on. Empolyee427 states that the sample was made in the 1960s, and 50 copies was only given to each of the choir members to take home, which makes this record a private record.[3] Though Kirby snag two copies somewhere in the 1990s when he was in the UK, it is unknown how he got them.

Empolyee427 then states that Kirby couldn’t say the name of the sample because he can’t remember the name of the record. One reason on why he can’t remember is because it was a white label (a label which have no producer or musician information, just the music itself) which possibly makes the record either a demo recording, a discarded take, or the label was lost to time.[3]

Debunked Claim

On January 7th, 2021, a user uploaded a video claiming that they found the original sample of the final 5 minutes which was the song “Lasst mich ihn nur noch einmal küssen”. This was then debunked by Kirby himself, stating that this wasn’t the original sample, but it is close to the sample. It was found out that the lead instrument was a strings and not a piano like Kirby’s.[4]


As of December 2023, the original sample still hasn’t been found, though with Kirby saying that they’re close to finding it, it gives the possibility that someone will find the original sample.


EATEOT’s stage 6 final song “Places in the World fades away”