FIFA Soccer 2002 (lost build of cancelled Game Boy Advance port of football game; existence unconfirmed; 2001-2002)

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Alleged cover art of the Game Boy Advance port.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

FIFA Soccer 2002 (also known as FIFA Football 2002 or simply FIFA 2002) was the ninth game released under EA Sports' long-running FIFA series. Released in late-October to November 2001 for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Windows to generally positive reception, a few sources claim a Game Boy Advance port was also being developed, which would have made it the first FIFA game on the handheld console.


To date, little is known about a possible Game Boy Advance port for FIFA Soccer 2002. Two main sources have listed this supposed port and cover art, with both claiming that the version was to be released several months later than the others. An Amazon listing claims that the Game Boy Advance port was meant to be released on 30th August 2002, with a description starting with "Explore the amazing possibilities of the GameBoy Advance with FIFA 2002".[1] Wayback Machine indicates that the Amazon page has existed since at least September 2007.[2] However, an IGN listing claims that the game was planned to be released on 1st June 2002, with Ingram Entertainment assisting in publishing it.[3] Either way, had the game been released, it would have occurred only months before the mid-November 2002 release of FIFA Soccer 2003, the first official Game Boy Advance FIFA port.[4]

Prior to FIFA Soccer 2002's release, EA Sports held both a Camp EA and a press event that both discussed the game, confirming releases for the two PlayStation consoles, the GameCube, and Windows, and denying that an Xbox port was being developed.[5][6] No discussion over whether any handheld ports, including for the Game Boy Advance, were made, suggesting that even if a port was being developed, it was ultimately cancelled.


As of the present day, the port’s existence cannot be confirmed, as information surrounding it is too vague. One Reddit user stated that the Amazon page’s description was also present on the official EA Store page, which would give the port’s existence greater credibility.[7] Others however theorise that the provided cover art is merely a mock-up someone made that ended up being listed on Amazon.[7] A YouTube video from a Brazilian user claimed that it showcased footage of the port, but it has been debunked as being from the FIFA Soccer 2003 version.[7]

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