Family Kuarta o Kahon (partially found Filipino game show; 1962-2000)

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Print ad of the game show.

Status: Partially Found

Family Kuarta o Kahon, formerly known as Kuwarta o Kahon, The Pepe Pimentel Show and always known to people as Family Kwarta o Kahon or Kwarta o Kahon was a Filipino game show aired on ABS-CBN from 1962-1972, BBC-2 which became City 2 from 1973-1984, and RPN from 1984-2000. It ran from 1962-2000 and holds the record for the longest-running Filipino game show for 38 years. It was hosted by Pepe Pimentel with several co-hosts.


Pepe Pimentel said that the game show was inspired by a 1950s American game show "Bidding the Box." It began as a radio show named "Mahiwagang Kahon" with Pimentel as the host and producer before moving to TV.[1]

The show aired on several networks, with the last one on RPN-9, aired from 1984-2000. The show has a lot of sponsors, primarily from games. Examples of sponsors with games are Yakult's Roleta Ng Kapalaran, UniPak's Name That Sound, Advan, Tawas Toothpaste, and Orocan.[2][3] The show aired every Sunday and its studio was on SM City North EDSA which is also its sponsor.[4]


Several scenes of the shows were available on the web, primarily from its RPN-9 days, by easily searching it on YouTube. However, scenes from ABS-CBN/BBC-2/City2 haven't yet resurfaced on the web, so as full episodes of the said game show.