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Status: Partially Lost

Fantastic Four (also known by the film's marketing title Fant4stic) is a 2015 American superhero film following the titular comic book heroes.[1] The film was met with harsh reception, earning a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 27/100 Metascore on Metacritic.[2] In particular, the film was heavily criticized for its overly dark tone in contrast with the other Fantastic Four films, poor plot, slow pacing, undeveloped characters, and lackluster special effects.

Production and Deleted Scenes

The film had a lengthy and troubled movie shoot, starting when Trank expected $150 million from 20th Century Fox, but only gave him a $122 million budget on the first day of shooting. Trank also envisioned the film's length to be two hours and ten minutes, which was cut down to one hour and forty minutes in the final film.

After numerous news stories began to emerge of Trank's "erratic" and abusive behavior on the set to the film's cast and crew, Fox responded by taking Trank away from the post-production and editing process and began to cut out numerous parts of the film that were still advertised on the film's trailers including:[3]

  • A major action scene where The Thing dives down from an airplane to camp Humvee, where he is invincible to the bullets fired by the terrorists at the camp. This scene was cut from the final film due to budgetary restraints.[4]
  • A scene of cut dialogue between Reed and Victor Von Doom where Doom's body is strapped to a table when Reed decides to visit him.
  • A scene where Johnny was shown fixing a car, establishing his character trait of being a resourceful mechanic.
  • A cut shot of The Human Torch lighting his body on fire after learning about Doom's murderous rampage after his return from Planet Zero.
  • A scene of Ben Grimm playing baseball and in another trailer, a shot of him hitting the baseball at the sign of his family's junkyard.
  • Kate Mara and Jaimie Bell described a deleted scene, Meanwhile the parents of Reed talking in the house, Sue was out and came Ben.
  • Toby Kebell described another scene, ocurred after Victor is abandoned in Planet zero, the scene showing Doom pulling the rubble after being abandoned on the planet. Kebbell originally also described his character as a anti-social blogger called "Victor Domashev" all of that was changed in the final cut.
  • In 2019, one action scene of the Thing was released, but without CGI.
  • B-Roll footage shows some scenes of the Fantasticar on the Earth and in the final battle on Planet zero that were cut from the final cut.
  • According to some reports, the third act of the film was reshot.


Director Josh Trank has openly stated his dissatisfaction with the final cut of the film, announcing how his cut of the film was rejected by 20th Century Fox in favor of a "dumbed-down" version.[3]

Fox executives apparently previously said the film "was more like Chronicle 2 than Fantastic Four."

Trank said in 2020, his first cut of the film caught the executives off-guard. They told to Trank the movie wasn't the marketable romp that they waiting for, he also said they didn't liked the morose tone of his cut. Finally, he said Fox proceed to work with the film editor Steve E. Rivkin, to do the reshoots and made the final cut that came to the teathers.

Some rough scenes was showed in the limited Photo diary edition of the Blu-ray. It is currently unknown whether or not this cut of the film will be officially released or if it even exists anymore.



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