Farewell: Live From The Universal Ampitheatre (partially lost Oingo Boingo concert video and album; 1995)

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The DVD release cover of Farewell.

Status: Partially Lost

Oingo Boingo was a band that was active from 1979 to 1995 that included a young Danny Elfman as the frontman, accumulated a quite dedicated fanbase that stayed long after the band's demise and even scored a few hits in the mid-80's.

Farewell: Live From The Universal Amptheatre documents the band's final performance on October 31st, 1995 and included songs from the band's large discography. Two songs from the concert video are notable for not being on the CD version, "Just Another Day" and "Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)" but are rather on the cassette release instead. In order to clear up audio quality, the songs were mixed on the cassette with previous recordings on the same tour. As the cassette version went out of print almost two decades ago, it'd be quite hard to locate the recordings the way they were intended to be heard. Alternatively, the double VHS/DVD release doesn't include a song on the CD, "Whole Day Off", no footage of it has ever been located and it's highly unlikely it ever will surface.