FightBox (partially found BBC Three game show; 2003)

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The show’s logo.

Status: Partially Found

FightBox was a multimedia game show that aired originally for one series on BBC Three from October 13th to November 10th, 2003.

From around May of 2003, there was a large leader board style tournament on the BBC website which thousands took part in. Players were tasked with creating their own virtual warrior from which they could customise and upgrade by completing challenges. Points were accrued by playing a series of games. The top 30 from the leaderboard and 31 wildcards were invited to appear on the show. The website is available to view via the wayback machine.

Hosted by Lisa Snowdon and Trevor Nelson, the show consisted of 15 heats, 4 semi finals and the grand final. The number 1 seed from the online competition, Wiseguy, was automatically placed in the semi placed in the semi final. Each show had 4 contestants and their respective created warriors, they would face off in 1v1 battles with the winners of the 1v1 contests facing eachother in the episode 'showdown.' The eventual winner of the show was warrior 'Kill Frenzy' who, as a prize, achieved sentient status and joined the other 6 sentients who were said to have won previously (unseen) tournaments. The sentients featured heavily in all combat during the show, essentially marshalling the playing arena and making life as difficult as possible for the warriors to score points during games. Sentients included; Pearl, Banshee, Vesuvius, Kodiak, Big George and Nail.

Of the 20 episodes, 18 exist on YouTube, uploaded by user ‘Centurygoals.’ Part of episode 1 has been uploaded by user ‘Andrew Tham’ however nothing exists of episode 18.


Episode 1.

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