Fire Hazard (found Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains demo album; 2003)

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Album art.

Status: Found

Date found: 6 Jan 2022

Found by: Folk Punk Archivist

Fire Hazard was a 2003 demo released by the anarchist folk-punk band, Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains. A small number of physical copies were presumably distributed in person and through their website before it went out of print.[1]

Most tracks have been re-recorded and are in circulation on later albums. This excludes Skimming Bakunin, FLESRUOYLLik, and If by "emo" you mean "drugs"..., which have never been heard by the majority of fans. No live bootlegs have surfaced of these tracks.

Track Listing

# Track name
1 Skimming Bakunin
2 Church Hymn For The Condemned
3 Fuck The Dictionary
5 Only Two Of My Best Friends Are Actual People
6 Untitled
7 If By "Emo" You Mean "Drugs"...
8 I'm So Punk I Hate Punk
9 Below Good And Evil
10 D.I.Y Orgasms
11 Put Arsenic In The Frosting Next Time


There is evidence to suggest there may still be copies of the demo out there somewhere. A Reddit user called "Wkhdgj" claimed in 2018 that they owned a copy of Fire Hazard which they had received from Patrick Schneeweis in high school. They posted a picture of the alleged CD, but claimed that they were unable to presently upload it due to not having a disc drive.[2] Some may have written it off as a troll, but they were ultimately proven wrong as the disc pictured is the exact copy a friend of Michael Schneeweis (Pat's brother) had, and the files were retrieved from for the digital and physical re-issue by folk punk archivist. It was also flat-bed scanned for the re-issues disc artwork.

The album has recently been found and put out by The Folk Punk Archivist. You can listen to it here:

The music tracking website Last.FM shows that one listener has listened to the tracks Skimming Bakunin and FLESRUOYLLik.[3]